Labour Day Message 2019

Singapore’s hardworking labour force is the foundation of her economic success and prosperity.

As we celebrate Labour Day today, it is fitting to acknowledge and affirm the sacrifices and contribution made by our workers.

Yet, let us pause to reflect for a moment on the questions and concerns weighing heavy on the minds of our workers:

• Is my job secure?
• If I lose my job, will I be able to get another job?
• How long will I continue to earn enough to provide for myself and my loved ones?
• Will my wages keep up with the increasing cost of living?
• Will I be able to retire from work to enjoy my golden years?

Singapore People’s Party acknowledges our workers’ concerns on job security, the high cost of living, retirement adequacy and also the challenges of global uncertainties.

As Singapore’s landscape changes with the advance of technology, our workers need to realign themselves in order to stay relevant and to be more productive.

As Singapore forges ahead to meet the challenges of new competition from emerging markets and global uncertainties, our workers are relying on stakeholders to build win-win solutions with employers for the labour force.

We urge employers and the Government to continue helping our workers to upgrade their skills to enable our workers to remain relevant and competitive.

Our labour movement should also review the employment rights of our vulnerable workers to provide them with adequate protection during their course of employment. We also call on higher CPF contributions from employers to our silver generation workers i.e. those aged 60 years and above.

Our workers are the heartbeat and soul of our economic progress.

Singapore People’s Party salutes all our workers for their “never-say-die” spirit and efforts despite all the challenges that they face in their daily chores and responsibilities to provide shelter, food, healthcare and happiness for their family in the midst of a tough, ever-changing global economic landscape.

With our deepest gratitude, Thank you to all our workers and Happy Labour Day.

Singapore People’s Party
1st May 2019

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