Call For Accountability and Complete Transparency from the SAF

The Singapore People’s Party (SPP) offers our deepest condolences to the family of Aloysius Pang in their time of grief.

We are deeply concerned over the number of National Service (NS) fatalities.

Over the last 16 months alone, there has been no less than 7 full-time NS and 1 NSman who have died during training or while on duty.

Despite the many statements and promise of action, we still have sons of Singapore who are being killed in the line of duty, and during peace time.

This is unfathomable, and unacceptable.

Singaporeans need answers, and a lot more than just assurances.

Given the toll of fatalities over recent months, we have to ask if enough is being done to prevent unnecessary deaths. We call on the SAF to spare no effort in making a full investigation and inquiry in the cause of the tragedy and how it could have been prevented, and to make public the findings of the investigation. It is not just for Aloysius, but for each and every instance of NS fatality.

There must be accountability and complete transparency. If there had been mistakes made or lapses in vigilance, they must be uncovered and acknowledged. For only then can effective prevention truly start.

While we understand the need for an effective fighting force to defend Singapore, we cannot continue accepting that this has to come at the expense of lives.

Let’s start truly behaving and believing that one more death, is one more death too many.

Singapore People’s Party

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