Response to National Day Rally Speech 2015

There were many issues raised by the Prime Minister in his national day rally speech. He was also campaigning for his party in his  speech, dishing out more goodies to Singaporeans. In a way, it seems to be an election speech.

By far, the most important topic was the tradeoff between economic growth and our need for foreign workers. This seems to be a permanent feature in every rally. While we must ensure a sustainable immigration policy, we continue to ensure our low birth rate does not erode our base of work force. As an opposition NCMP, I am fully aware that Singaporeans want better jobs. I also want to put Singaporeans first in policies. We do want to sustain a   business environment. But we must also try to improve the skill sets of Singaporeans, and improve the productivity of our local workforce. Singaporean employees want less foreign competition, but Singaporean firms have been asking for relaxation of foreign worker quota. As a politician, my aim is to balance two sides of the equation, for the benefit of both sides.

There are two ways to combat the economic challenges of low birth rate. We either maintain a more open immigration policy or we increase the working life of our work force. In the latter, I support the PM’s  call to increase working life to 67. I also think we need a better balance between the two methods.

Our population policy and low birth rate will continue to be an issue for Singapore. In a bid to increase our economic competitiveness, the government increased the population planning parameters. Downstream, our transport capacity was stretched. The role of the TransportMinister is now critical for Singapore. I suggest the PM or the DPM themselves assume the role of Transport Minister, to take charge of this vital portfolio.

I also agree with the PM that we need to look beyond Singapore. We have destabilising forces around the region. Malaysia is weakening as a nation. For Singapore to grow, we need our region to be strong as well. After all, they act as our hinterland and are strong trading partners to Singapore. A country like Indonesia can afford to close their doors because of their size. Further north, China is competing with Singapore for our core financial businesses. Yes, I get it that MRT breakdowns are frustrating. But I hope we can work with the next group of leaders, PAP or otherwise, to tackle long term issues.At the SPP, we focus on building a strong pipeline  of talent. Unlike other parties, it is not our interest to push these talented individuals put prematurely. We want to contribute to policy and we think we have the talent to compete with the PAP on core issues.

Mrs Lina Chiam

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