Labour Day Message 2018

27-year-old Mohd Munir works as a barista at a coffee joint, and makes enough to pay his bills and to help his family with household bills.

He hopes that over time, he will be able to do better for himself and move on to a bigger role, so that he can start saving a little to perhaps, buy a nice home of his own at some point in his life.

The one thing which constantly worries him is the rising cost of living, and the fear that what he earns today will not be enough to help him tide through during difficult days.

Like him, 24-year-old Ashley Ling also works in the service industry, is fresh out of school and is already wondering what would be the type of job she will be able to get in future in a rapidly changing world.

Despite her fears, and seeing how many service related jobs are still undertaken by many foreigners or foreign students, she still continues her daily routine of waiting on tables with the hope that at some point in her life, she will be able to find a job which will be able to help her live a fairly comfortable life in Singapore.

二十七岁的Mohd Munir 是一名咖啡师。他的月薪只够他支付帐单和补充家用。 他希望随着时间他会有所作为在工作上晋升到更高的职位,并且利用这份收入来购买自己梦想之家。一件总是让他担心的事情,就是一直在提升的生活费用,还有他所赚取的薪水不够让他渡过困苦的日子。

与他一样的二十四岁的Ashley Ling, 现任在服务业,刚刚毕业的她已经在琢磨她在迅速转变的未来里能从事什么行业。尽管看到许多服务业都被外劳取代,她还是每天照常上班,并且带着一天能找到一份能让她在新加坡好好生活的工作。 Continue reading “Labour Day Message 2018”

Compassion Before Courts

The article in TODAY – “Town councils to engage residents before prosecuting them: State Courts” (9 March 2018) seems to be announcing “new measures to help town councils manage” defaulters.

In the story, it is stated that “From next month, as part of new protocols, town councils will have to negotiate and engage with the residents involved in such cases before starting criminal proceedings as a last resort.”

It goes on to say that town councils are “required to issue at least two notices to a resident who does not pay S&CC, before issuing a statutory demand.”

So, does it mean that under the current protocol, town councils do not negotiate and engage with the defaulting residents before taking them to court; and town councils do not issue at least two notices to the defaulting resident before issuing the statutory demand?

Given that Service and Conservancy Charges (S&CC) charges are generally between $20 per month (1 room) to $74 per month (5 room), it stands to reason that many of the current defaulters are not paying their fees because of financial hardship.

It is thus rather troubling that the number of residents taken to court for S&CC arrears have more than doubled in the last three years: from 2,494 cases in 2015 to 6,335 in 2017. Continue reading “Compassion Before Courts”

Post-Budget Statement 2018

A Politically Correct and Safe Budget

The Minister for Finance Mr Heng Swee Keat’s Budget for 2018 is one which aims more for political correctness than to solve real problems.

In fact, the Singapore People’s Party is concerned that the Budget fails to specifically address how it will alleviate the one issue which is bothering Singaporeans and the Government included – wealth inequality. Continue reading “Post-Budget Statement 2018”

Budget Statement 2018

Improving Our Quality of Life, Bridging Inequality, Spending Prudently

Every generation of Singaporeans has undergone their fair share of struggles. From a mere place on the map, our forefathers helped to turn this place into a nation.

With growth and development, Singapore is now home to a plethora of communities from across the globe – a cosmopolitan city and a melting pot of cultures, races, languages.

But amid the development, we do have cracks emerging. A recent survey by the Institute of Policy Studies (IPS) on Social Capital in Singapore revealed that there is a growing class divide in Singapore, which is not healthy for our city state. Continue reading “Budget Statement 2018”

2018 New Year’s Day Message

Working Together for a Better Future

Over the last year, the Singapore People’s Party has made many moves to bolster and strengthen our team.

You would have noticed our team back on the ground, and with some new faces knocking on doors to meet and greet you and hear from you.

For some, we have also reached out to provide assistance in whatever way we could, when help was sought.

Throughout the course of 2017, we have heard your frustrations, and we have also understood what are the issues which are causing you the stress and distress of daily living in Singapore.

Our commitment, is to continue supporting you, and being there for you.

In 2018, we will continue our outreach, as we look to reach out and to connect and hear from as many of you as possible.

As a nation, we will be stronger if we stand together.

We can make a difference as long as we believe that our collective voices are powerful enough to have the Government see our points of view and perspectives.

Let us continue working together to bring about the Singapore which we desire, not just for ourselves, but for our children and our elderly.

Singapore belongs to all Singaporeans.

From all of us at the Singapore People’s Party, we would like to wish all of you a Happy New Year and a wonderful 2018 ahead and may there be peace and harmony amongst all nations too.

Singapore People’s Party

Let’s Co-Create A Singapore For All Singaporeans

Dear Fellow Singaporeans,

These are very turbulent days.

The gig economy has brought about a tremendous amount of disruption to Singaporean jobs and our livelihoods; there is a new world order in global geopolitics; terrorism and radicalization continue to be a global scourge and rather unfortunately, a family dispute which has unfortunately tarnished Singapore’s brand name has also distracted many from our routines and lives.

Wealth and social inequality continue to tear at the fabric of society and will only cause further economic and social strain on our lives.

Indeed, these are tumultuous times for Singapore, and we will continue to face many more challenges in the days, months and years to come.





而且我们新加坡人所关注的问题例如就业机会、通货膨胀、购屋能力、完善的公共交通一直持续得在脑海中浮现。 Continue reading “Let’s Co-Create A Singapore For All Singaporeans”

SPP Stands In Solidarity With Our Singaporean Workers Facing Anxiety Over Job Security

Dear Workers of Singapore,

Happy Labour Day!

May Day is an auspicious day to celebrate and honour workers’ contributions to our nation. It is only through your hard work that our country has grown by leaps and bounds over the years.

Although our economy averted a technical recession this year, the picture is still not rosy for our workers. They continue to face a grim job market. The Ministry of Manpower (MOM), in releasing their estimates on 28 April, said that while layoffs dipped in the first quarter of this year, the overall unemployment rate continued to edge up. One statistician has suggested that it could be possible that about five per cent, or over 100,000 Singaporeans may be unemployed.

The gig economy and disruptive technology may displace hundreds-of-thousands of traditional jobs. Most workers in the gig economy will have no statutory protections and benefits, including CPF contributions, without paid sick leaves and even no maximum or minimum working hours. They will live at the whim of the platforms they’ve chosen to affiliate themselves with. They will face risks such as wage instability and not having enough for retirement.

One labour economist recently warned that “the gig economy is going to aggravate the social and job-related causes of poverty,” and that “retrenchment due to job obsolescence and job disappearance will increase.” Continue reading “SPP Stands In Solidarity With Our Singaporean Workers Facing Anxiety Over Job Security”