Off Peak Travel for Seniors

The Singapore People’s Party (SPP) disagrees with the Public Transport Council’s (PTC) decision to scrap the $40 monthly unlimited travel pass for seniors above the age of 60.

The SPP also urges the PTC to reinstate the $40 monthly unlimited travel pass for the seniors immediately.

When the two-year Off-Peak Monthly Travel (OMTP) pass trial was announced by the Ministry of Transport through a media release in January 2015, the Government said that it was meant to encourage public transport commuters who are able to shift their regular travel out of peak periods to do so, and “consequently reduce their monthly travel expenditure.” Seniors were accorded an unlimited travel pass for $40.

The SPP also notes that the scheme started in July 2015, just two months before the 2015 General Elections.

While the PTC announced in the middle of last year that it was extending the scheme for a further six months pending a review, the scheme has now been scrapped unceremoniously, must to the dismay and disappointment of our seniors.

Many seniors who are above 60 are either retirees or not employed and who are living on their savings or monthly Central Provident Fund payouts.

That they have to pay more now is unacceptable.

The manner in which the seniors found out about the ceasing of the scheme also shows that the communications tactics in informing the seniors were poor and not executed effectively.

The PTC needs to be sensitive towards the needs of our senior citizens, and the way this was handled is disappointing and painful.

The SPP would also like to know what is the position of the PAP’s Government Parliamentary Committee (Transport) over this decision by the PTC.

Singapore People’s Party